The college process can seem complicated and overwhelming. It is, however, an important part of your child’s life, and the life of your family. The process involves making choices that will affect your child not only for the next four years, but long after. As you prepare for the critical choices and transitions that the college process requires, remember that success lies in making the right match.

Early planning and a focused, personal approach are the keys to finding the college where your child will be happy and successful. My role, as a college consultant, is to work with you and your family to make the process more manageable and more productive. My goal, like yours, is to see your child make the right choices and find the right college.

My work with students and families is designed to provide support as they navigate the process. Meetings focus on each student’s particular interests, but topics often include:

    • an overview of the college process
    • review of self-assessment documents
    • family conferences
    • transcript review
    • course selection advice
    • suggested schools
    • decision plans
    • financial considerations
    • testing strategies
    • special programs
    • narrowing the list
    • essay development and review interview techniques