The impact of Coronavirus/Covid-19 is being felt everywhere and by everyone — including high school juniors —who are seeing disruptions to their way of life and their college searches. Out of school, distanced from friends, teachers and counselors, high school juniors can take steps to remain on track and prepared to apply to college when the time comes.

Juniors should:

Understand that colleges are acutely aware of the changes that are happening in high schools and to high school students. 

Admissions offices (and officers) know that the SAT and ACT and IB exams have been cancelled. They know that there have been changes made to how AP classes will be taught and how exams will be given. They know that you were not able to visit campuses this spring and they understand that summer programs — both on their campuses and not — may be cancelled.  Your applications will be viewed through the lens of this unprecedented experience.

Explore campuses.

It may not be the same as visiting campus in person, but there are a number of ways to visit digitally. Virtual tours are available at, , and on individual college’s websites and official YouTube channels.

Keep learning. And learn something new, too.

In addition to online learning from your high school, social distancing means there’s time to learn something new or enhance your current studies.

  • While the quizzes on the free Magoosh app are geared toward SAT, ACT and TOEFL, it’s always a good time to improve your vocabulary.
  • Set up a free account at to keep your skills sharp in the language you are currently studying or to learn a new one.  
  • LanguageBird offers Chirp Room Chat Rooms at Register for a free account and chat away in the language of your choice. All rooms are supervised by language instructors
  • Got to and learn about…anything!

Use technology to keep connected.Get together with friends in Google Hangout, Zoom or on FaceTime

Remember that things will get better. Life will return to normal. You will be a senior in September and you will be filing college applications. Use this time to get ready by continuing with distance learning from school. Continue to prepare for standardized testing. Get ready to write your personal statement and supplements. Get a jump on the things you can control. Try not to worry too much about the things you can’t.

All the best,